Recreational activities for children outside daycares for spring

Recreational activities for children outside daycares

Spring holidays look a little different this year for most children. Many families have cancelled their spring plans and tours due to the spread of the corona virus.

After authorities around the world impose restrictions on travel and travel from one place to another, even within a country, and demand that the national quarantine policy be implemented to prevent the spread of the virus, boredom has become the master of children's situation. We must therefore find recreational ways to get them out of this isolation away from daycare and make them happy, happy and positive about energy.

If you are looking for places and activities to spend the spring outside of daycare. We offer fun and fun activities for children for spring 

Visit the zoo:

 To learn more about the exciting world of animals, where the park has more than one different species, including pandas, bears, foxes and various birds. You can visit it through the site by clicking on this link, from there you can go see the animals directly, interact with them, and learn more about their characteristics and lifestyles.

 Some leisure activities inside the house:

highlights include online painting and colouring, sharing games and activities with different teams also registered online. Before leaving the park, it is necessary to visit the museum and learn more about the various historical monuments.

Museum Visit:

 Children will feel happy and happy, not only to visit the museum by default, but also to have many activities that can keep them busy throughout the day.

Simulation of Animal Movements:

 Encourage your child to glide like a snake, jump like a frog, run like a horse or walk like one in four bears, this game helps them activate all their body muscles, learn about jumping and running skills, strengthen muscles and improve breathing.

Treasure Hunt:

 Children love treasure hunting, whether inside or outside the home, hiding small toys like plastic dinosaurs or cars Small, this game teaches him to think about solving problems and develop a simple plan in addition to movement and concentration during the search.

Escape from the Beast:

 Children love the game of stalking, especially with a parent or any adult they trust, the game escape of a "scary" monster will include a lot of joyful screams, the skills developed in this game are running, dubious, flexible movement.

Kite Making:

 Look for an open space in a park, beach or field, make or buy a kite, choose a day with a breeze, but not too windy, and go off to watch your child run with his colourful game.


 The game that is loved by male children, no doubt, using different types and sizes of balls, make your child see how far he can kick, or play the role of goalkeeper in front of a wall or fence.

Combat shoulders:

A circle is placed on the ground two meters in diameter and chooses two proportional’s in the body so that they stand inside the circle and each lifts his leg with one hand and the other hand behind his back, then each tries to pull his colleague out of the circle by pushing his shoulders and requires not to use his hands or stand on the legs and points can be deducted on this point.

Prohibited movement:

The supervisor determines the participants a movement concerned and asks them to mimic all his movements except this movement, then begins to perform certain movements as they imitate it and suddenly directs the forbidden movement, then all those who imitated the supervisor comes out and there is a need here to monitor the participants to adjust their response.

Fill the cup:

The child is asked to put a spoon in his mouth and put his hands behind his back, then begins to transfer water from a full bowl to an empty cup and the winner who carries the largest amount of water on time and requires all teams to play in At the same time.

Find the whistle:

The commander covers the children's eyes and distributes them to the field to begin to sit in a place on the ground.

He changes it and doesn't move. Of course, participants will try to find the source of the whistle and locate it to get it.


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