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Kidicare - Wall Toy Caterpillar

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A multifunctional wall toy with a cute image of a caterpillar, including wire beads, a rolling disc with sound, rolling wood patterns, lock toy and turning gears.

Open the lock, different colors correspond to different touch materials (eva, velcro, mirror, felt cloth, corrugated card).

The body is divided into 5 parts which is easy to disassemble, install and transport. 

Several children could play together and share happiness, and they can not only play for fun but also learn a lot, such of colors, sounds, graphical. It also can develop hand-eye coordination, social skill and tactile skill.

A perfect and brilliant toy combination for schools, kindergartens, learning center and public areas. 

Dimensions : 72.83 x 32.67 x 4.72'' inches.

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